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Business. It's about seeing opportunities and realizing them, first and fast. Exact Online Manufacturing software helps you view your business differently, and see new possibility: more customers and revenue, better margins and cash flow, greater sales and shop floor efficiency and increased employee productivity. Isn't that what you're looking for?

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Why choose Exact Online Manufacturing?

Improved manufacturing process

Automate and streamline your quoting and production processes and your financials, through integration with QuickBooks, to reduce administrative workload and give you a clear picture of shop orders in progress, work center capacity, materials availability, employee utilization and much more.

Increased sales efficiency

Manage your orders more efficiently by tracking the materials you use and the hours you spend on projects, allowing you to quickly identify areas that require your attention.

Faster, more accurate costing

Prepare more accurate quotes from anywhere with up-to-date costs, mark-ups, discounts, materials and historical data, ensuring you remain competitive and profitable.

Stronger bottom line

Increase margins and profitability by quoting more accurately, minimizing cost overruns, improving employee productivity, better managing stock requirements and invoicing at the press of a button.

More customers

Fully integrated CRM improves your service levels, customer relationships and customer base.

Complete visibility

Get a single view of your business by integrating your manufacturing processes with your accounts and see your critical business performance information, in real-time, on an easy to understand, personalized production dashboard.

Smart Features

Manufacturing, logistics and CRM in 1. Incredibly fast quoting . 24/7 status of production. Realtime collaboration. Easy to set up and straightforward to run. Designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks®. Just some of the features of Exact Online Manufacturing, and there are many more. Download our PDF factsheet and watch this short video.

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Totally flexible and cost effective. You pay a fixed monthly fee and can add more users, or even move to another subscription as you expand. Interested? Discover how Exact Online Manufacturing can grow with your business.

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You want technology to free you up to run your business, but you also want a life. Exact Online Manufacturing has a suite of mobile applications and harnesses the best the cloud has to offer. So you and your people can work the way you want to work, not have to work.


Exact Online Manufacturing is designed to simply integrate with QuickBooks® Online and QuickBooks® Desktop editions. It means you can drill down into the details of any operation and follow it through to its financial reconciliation. What's more, clear dashboards, 'To Do' lists and alerts enable you to be proactive and stay on top of your business.

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Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrating your accounts with your business operations in the cloud means unprecedented levels of operational flexibility and simplicity. Use the same login details, switch effortlessly between the two solutions, and automatically sync your customer and vendor information. You only need to enter data once, reducing errors and improving productivity. So your accounts, as well as your business, stay up to date. In fact, you and your accountant can work on the same information at the same time, making it quicker and easier to resolve problems as they arise.

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Exact: Trusted the world over

Exact is your trusted advisor and a leading provider of business solutions for small- to medium-sized (SMB) manufacturing and distribution companies. Since 1984, Exact has been serving SMBs with information technology to help launch and grow their businesses. As a global solution provider with more than 1,800 employees worldwide, Exact helps more than 100,000 local and international companies run their business every day.


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